Create a character in Vroid studio
Tracking face and hands with AvaKit (or Webcam Motion Capture for a fee)
I settled on the following.

If you don’t need to move hands, I recommend using 3tene for face tracking.


Equipment used for testing

Final equipment used
Mac mini (2023) M2 Pro
Web camera


Things that I tried but could not use

Oculus quest2
Leap Motion


Other methods that might be possible (failed in my environment)

Using Parallel desktop to plug in Windows and install Oculus Link

PCVR cannot be used in a Mac environment, so this is a method of plugging in Windows.
It worked until I used Parallel desktop to install Windows, but I couldn’t install the Oculus Link software on the PC side.
(During the installation process, the message “Restart computer” appeared and stopped.)

What I tried

Install directly under C drive
Turn off firewall


Mirroring a virtual cast

I played a virtual cast on the Oculus alone and tried to see if I could mirror the video of the play to my PC and record that.
It was possible to use my (VR headset) viewpoint, but I could not switch to the camera viewpoint.
The button to go to the switching setting did not appear on the Oculus itself, so I think it is not possible due to the specification.
It was very easy to load the model made by Vroid studio.


Mirroring VRChat

As with Virtualcast, I could not switch to the camera viewpoint.
Another problem was that I could not make the models created in Vroid studio Oculus-compatible and load them into VRChat.
(I think it is theoretically possible, but the procedure was too complicated for me.)

Hand tracking with Leap Motion.

When I connected it to my Mac, the app in my setup didn’t recognize it in any way.


3tene × Leap Motion

The Mac version of 3tene does not support Leap Motion and was abandoned


3tene x Leap Motion on Windows plugged in

The texture of the model’s face turned black and puffy.
I tried various settings, but could not figure out how to solve the problem and gave up.
It also happened with the default model.


Luppet x Leap Motion on Windows plugged in.

The same problem occurred with the model’s face texture being black and puffy.
I tried to fix it, but gave up because I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.
The default model also had this problem.


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