Nice to meet you, I’m Moccho, a Vtuber.


basic specification

My name is Moccho. It is a nickname given to me by a high school senior because of my “mocho mocho” cheeks. It’s cute and I like it myself.
Born on August 19, 1997. Remember it as the day of haiku.
26 years old, female.
Born in Aichi and still living in Aichi. Blood type is O. MBTI is INTP-T.

Current Activities

Vtuber activity, mainly posting videos where I talk about my experiences and thoughts.
I am also a blogger, designer, music and video creator.

Height and weight

160cm, 69kg. on a rave diet to reach BMI standard weight, 56kg.
I post my weight on X every day, so please support me if you like.

Things I like to do

Sleeping, making something, alone time, reading, watching Youtube, anime, movies, learning English

Favorite creatures

Animals in general, especially rabbits and cats, sea slugs, jellyfish
I have a rabbit named Towa-kun.
It means eternity in Japanese. I want him to live a long life.

Favorite music

Female idols (CY8ER, BPM15Q, Perfume, Kanano Senritu), Etsuko Yakushimaru, Vtuber songs, Anime songs, Vocaloids

Things I am not good at

Insects, going out, meeting new people, loud noises, being angry, being ordered around, surprising situations


Asexual (or bisexual?)

Pre-existing medical conditions

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : Cannot stop checking doors, windows, or the fire.
Social Anxiety Disorder : My legs shake when I go out in public, and my stomach hurts before meeting people.
Sleep Disorder : Since childhood, I have been a very poor sleeper and take hours to fall asleep. Now I am fighting daytime sleepiness, a side effect of sleeping pills.
Disease of drinking a lot of air : I drink a lot of air involuntarily. He cannot burp, his throat gets scratchy, and he vomits afterwards when he eats or drinks on the go.

personal history



Born on August 19, 1997 in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Her family consists of an overprotective and over-involved mother, a taciturn but kind and laissez-faire father, and an older brother six years older than her.
For more information about my family, please read this article.

Kindergarten years when I don’t fit in

Disliked kindergarten and cried every time she went to Kindergarten
I was not athletic and basically played in my room.
I liked to draw and play , clay and paste eraser.
I remember being bullied a little.

My humble elementary school days

Begins swimming and piano lessons.
Spends time playing on his father’s computer and drawing with Adobe Illustrator that was included.
As an adult, I am grateful to my parents because piano has helped me to create music, swimming has helped me to go to the gym, and the Illustrator environment has helped me to acquire design knowledge.
I didn’t have many friends at school, and I still spent most of my time in my room drawing and reading.
I was already showing symptoms of social anxiety disorder by this time, as I was suffering from shaky legs during chorus presentations.
I became almost romantically attached to a girl named K-chan, with whom I was particularly close.
I lost my first rabbit within a week, which was a major trauma.

Junior high school years when I became an otaku

Under the influence of his friends, he became addicted to Nico Nico Douga, Vocaloids, and late-night anime, and became a successful otaku.
I am in the art club and get a little prize in my club activities.
When I was in the third grade, there was a brilliant girl in my class who disgusted me, and in order to beat her, I got into studying and got one of the highest grades in my grade.

Dark High School Years

I get into a pretty good high school there because of my addiction to studying in middle school.
All the kids around me were good looking and smart, and I had a mental breakdown because I couldn’t keep up with them as I had lost my passion for studying.
I even cut my wrist, albeit lightly.
I joined the theater club because of the voice actors’ aniragis I listened to in junior high school, but I didn’t have the courage to play an actor, so I became a backstage specialist.
I became able to do lighting, sound props, props, and the whole backstage of the stage, though easily.
I was tremendously shocked by the fact that people around me started dating in the club, and I began to wonder if I was asexual.
I have mixed feelings of admiration, love, and respect for my classmate F-chan (a girl).
Because he didn’t want to study and because he liked to make things, he decided to go to a design-related university and started attending an art prep school in the summer of his sophomore year to learn drawing.
She failed the recommendation exam with an interview and cried, but passed the general exam, which consisted mainly of sketching, and was accepted to the school of her choice without incident.


University days devoted to design

Enrolling in the Faculty of Design, he spent a fulfilling time despite being pressed by assignments.
He also joined a design club for the reward of competitions, and spent his days immersed in design.
He made a few friends, but not many.
He also started working part-time as an early-morning stocker at a pharmacy and accepting design commissions on a website called Coconara.
As he searched for information on the Internet, he began to realize that he was an HSP or asexual.
Since I couldn’t work when people were in class, I thought I could only work from home, so I searched for design jobs in home.
Miraculously, she found a design job in home nearby, and the company president liked her so much that she started working part-time while still in school.
I invited my best friend to join the company and we started working together.


When I was a company employee who became ill

I got a job as a home-based designer for a company where I worked part-time and had a special content of designing meters for cars.
My personality did not match with my supervisor and the online meetings and internal interactions became too much for me, and my mind became exhausted.
I begin to experience strong symptoms of my OCD along with the exhaustion of my job.
After a visit to the hospital, it is discovered that he also has social anxiety disorder and sleep disorder, and he begins medication treatment.
I ended up quitting the company after about three and a half years because I couldn’t manage to work due to the drowsiness of the medication and because I had no interest in cars and couldn’t keep up with the terminology of the job.

In my private life, my sexuality has strayed too far.
I go all the way from Aichi to Osaka to go to a lesbian sex club.

I can have a boyfriend via VRChat (a game where you wear your favorite avatar in the VR world and enjoy chatting with him).
I can get a boyfriend via VRChat (a game where you wear your favorite avatar in VR world and enjoy chatting).

I have a boyfriend through a matching app, but we break up after about 3 months.
I use sex services for women.
Bondage experience
I did a lot of things like that.


My days as a private porn star

After quitting my job, I was still undecided about what to do next when a boy I met on a matching app told me about doujin porn and I gave it a try.
I didn’t have much money or connections, so I did almost everything myself, including filming, finding actors, editing, planning, and SNS management.
I was consumed as a woman and not valued as myself, and I became somewhat emotionally exhausted and decided to quit after about a month of operation.

a current partner

Exhausted by douche porn and wanting a partner without sexual activity, I searched for the right person on a matching app.
There was one person who approached me with great intensity.
When I met him, he understood me very well and agreed to be my partner without sexual intercourse.


Debut as a Vtuber☜Now!

After thinking with my partner about my next job, focusing on how I could live without being overwhelmed, we came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to communicate about myself as a Vtuber.
Rather than selling myself in a cute-oriented, idol-like way, I would be happy if I could expose myself as I am, experience acceptance of that, and provide some useful information, healing, and energy to people like myself in the past.

Breakup with partner

I will be leaving my partner on Christmas Eve 2023.


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