Hello, my name is Moccho! I had a bondage experience at the beginning of April this year (2023).
As a result, I would like to leave a sad record that it was not for me and as the title says, I was treated in the worst way.
I hope I can prevent someone else from going through the same thing.

What made me decide to ask for a bondage request?

At the time, I had two sex friends, but I had a problem that I just couldn’t come during the act, or rather, I couldn’t concentrate on it and couldn’t grasp the pleasure.
In the process of searching for a remedy, I became very interested in a certain person. He was a very famous binders whom I had been following for a while.
The method he advocated was a “body-only approach.”
Simply put, even if you are not in an erotic mood, you can feel good just by the way you use your body and the rope.
This was the selling point. I thought she was the perfect person for me, as I think a lot during the act.
I thought it was a good idea to be safe and secure because he was a professional in the field of bondage.
Above all, the people who were tied up in the sample videos he listed all seemed to feel good, and I had high hopes that I might be able to do the same.

On the other hand, I also knew about a sexuality counselor who believed that if you solve your mental problems, you can come with less stimulation, and that physical stimulation is not important.
I thought it would be interesting to compare the experiences of two opposite people, and decided to make a request to that person at the same time.
I will tell this story some other time.

Until the day of the event.

The person was active mainly in other prefectures, but I decided to have him travel to Aichi, where I live.
Although the cost of the trip was not cheap, I wanted to have the experience in an environment that I was familiar with and in a state where I could relax as much as possible.
I contacted them through their official line. The request was to experience bondage and to take pictures during the bondage.

I was a little surprised by the curt and simple response to my request, but I thought it was just the way it was and didn’t pay any attention to it. Looking back, I feel it is safe to cancel the meeting if you feel uncomfortable.

To the hotel

I was unexpectedly menstruating on the day of the event, so I inquired on line in the morning if it would be a problem.
I didn’t want to mess up the rope…. As a result, I got a reply from him that there was no problem. Good. On the day of the event, the other party called to say they would be a little late.
I thought it was a little rude, but he seemed to be a busy person, so I thought, well, it can’t be helped. In the end, we decided to meet around noon, and since the he said he had not eaten lunch, we decided to have lunch together.
I suggested some local specialties, but he said he was not interested in them, so we decided to go to a soba noodle restaurant in a station building.
During the meal, he explained so much about the use of the body and sexual theories, but I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. But I thought it was rude to stop the conversation by saying I didn’t understand, and I didn’t feel the need to understand that much, so I just listened and ate my meal.
After we arrived at the hotel, he asked me questions about my sexual experience and proclivities.
I answered that I had a sex friend but was having trouble getting off, and that my sexuality was a mystery to me because I liked videos of cumshots and situations in which women were pitiful, but I was not that aroused by being fucked.

Now it’s time for bondage!

First, I was tied up with my clothes on. As expected of a professional, he had a scary aura while tying me up, and he did it in various ways one after another with great speed.
The ropes themselves didn’t hurt, but my legs almost cramped up from the forced positions, which I don’t usually do, and my ears hurt from being pushed against the wall on the ear side of my face. Finally, he told me to take off my clothes, so I stripped naked and he tied me up and that was it. It wasn’t pleasant at all, but I was tied up nicely and had sexy pictures taken, so I thought it was a good experience, even though it was disappointing and expensive.


I have a description of sexual victimization from here: ⚠️

Afterwards, I had the rope untied and was in a daze after my first bondage experience, when suddenly my body was pulled and I was forced to perform an irrumatio.
I think he made that choice because it came up as a topic when we talked about sexuality, but I was uncomfortable.
I remember being disgusted when he said something like, “Are you running away again? Then he suddenly told me not to make a sound, covered me up, pulled out my tampon, and suddenly inserted it into me. I really don’t understand.
I never said anything about being allowed to fuck her, I was on my period, and there was no concept of foreplay at all. My first thought, more than anger, was, “Is this guy wearing a condom right now? What if I get pregnant? The biggest fear I had was what if I got pregnant or got sick.
The rest of the time I was panicking because it hurt and I had no idea what was going on. I was forced say “I’m coming”.
I wanted to be released as soon as possible, so I said “I’m coming” without knowing why (of course, I didn’t come), and the other guy finished and it was over. Fortunately, I was able to confirm that the other guy was wearing a condom.


I didn’t really want to pay, and I wasn’t convinced at all, but I decided that it was dangerous to get into a toothy argument with a crazy person who would rape me in a space alone with him, so I paid and we broke up.


After some time had passed and I had cooled down, I began to feel uncomfortable, thinking that that was still strange, that I had been raped, and why should I have to pay to have that done to me.
Also, my ear on the side that was painful from the pressure during the bondage went crazy.
I could hear normally, but I felt numb from my ear to my neck.
I went to the hospital, but they didn’t give me a name of the disease and didn’t give me any medicine.
I can’t say for sure that it was caused by bondage, but I want you to know that there is a risk of such injuries in bondage.
No matter how much the person you are dealing with calls themselves a professional. Luckily, this symptom improved within a few days.


There will definitely be no more repeats of the people I requested this time.
Later on, there are many things I wish I had protested like this when I got into trouble, or I wish I had resisted more, or I really don’t understand why I paid for what they did to me, but it’s all can’t help . In my case, it didn’t cause me that much trauma, but I’m just worried about other victims.
⚠️ Of course, there are always wonderful bondage masters ⚠️
But you, who are reading this now, please be very careful and protect yourself from sexual requests and encounters.
Take care of yourself! Sorry for the depression story. Thank you for reading to the end! See you soon~!


Photos taken during bondage are available for a fee.
The total number of photos is 12.
They are not CG photos but real photos.
All of them are clothed. No face be seen.

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