I met T-san, whom I met on a matching app.
At the time I had some experience with lesbian sex but no experience with men, and was nervous and a little excited about the unknown until we met.

Before we met

A little distant person.
27 years old.
Dom & S.

After talking about wanting to restrain women and attack them until they cry, he is like rollercoasters into telling me that he is an anal masturbator and that I should train him.

He has everything from a piston machine to a chastity belt, which I didn’t expect. I send him a list of my sexual proclivities and he responds so well that we decide to meet since he was quite sexually active. She said she had about 30 experiences.

I told her to use contraception! he said, “Do you want to take it outside? Condom?” . I was horrified to think that there was a possibility of being penetrated raw, but other than that, we had a nice conversation and I didn’t feel any problems.

My impression of him

He decided to drive me to a park near my house.

We were supposed to meet at 10:00 a.m., but he overslept from the very beginning. But she said she had a part-time job until midnight the day before, so I guessed that was to be expected. But since I was going to meet him at 10:00, I decided to punish her later.

The impression I got was that she was a few times gentler than her picture & not innocent in a good way. She had blonde hair and glasses. I liked her voice. Her personality was surprisingly serious. He smoked. He connected with me moderately and made a good impression on me. We talked about our mutual sexual habits and our families.

After the meeting

We went to a convenience store and bought some drinks.

As it was almost Valentine’s Day, I gave him some chocolates I had prepared as a token of our closeness, and he was pleased and ate them right then and there.

After that, I went to a drugstore and bought a condom. I tried to follow him into the store without thinking, but Mr. T refused to follow me.

After that, we talked in the car and decided to stop by an adult goods store near the station.

Adult Toy Store

I was happy to pass through the 18 prohibited goodwill for the first time!

There were so many DVDs. There are so many actresses. And they are all cute. I wish the women’s market would develop like this.

There were a lot of goods, too.

I bought the restraints and cock ring that T-san chose, and left the store.

It was nice to think that I was being examined next to the products I was going to use later on.


Decided on a hotel near the station, about 7,000 yen, but it was quite clean and spacious.

They had brought a great number of adult toys with them, and there were a lot of devices that I didn’t even know what they were used for, which was interesting. I also brought two toys and some lubricant (which I didn’t use).

I also brought an electric toothbrush. I thought he was a germaphobe, but he didn’t brush his teeth.


Do you want to go to bed? I was asked if I wanted to go to bed, but I wanted to take a shower with him first. We had fun undressing each other. He has a very beautiful body. I felt sorry for my sloppy body shape.

I had declared that I was about an A cup, so when he saw my breasts, he was surprised to see that I was about a C cup. Seriously?

We washed each other’s bodies while flirting and soaking in the bathtub.

It was the first time I was allowed to touch a man’s penis, and he was so responsive that it was quite enjoyable.

The Blamed Side

As soon as I got out of the bath, they put on the restraints I had bought. I was glad that I could not move several times more than I imagined.

Here, an electric toothbrush appeared. When I thought “What…if…”, it was put on the bottom. You’re going to use it there? It didn’t hurt, but it was more stimulating than pleasant, and I fainted in agony. I thought I was a tuna, but I discovered something new: I normally scream and my body wobbles. I couldn’t do it without making a lot of noise. It was the first time I had ever experienced the sensation of bodily fluids coming out of my bottom other than urine and menstruation…. After that, I was teased with fingers and an electric gun. It was so hard that I had to take frequent breaks, but the breaks were so short. I was dying. Be nice to beginners.

It was so stimulating that I didn’t even know if I came or not.

I gave up when I started to cry.

I did.

I did my best to return the favor for sleeping over and doing pretty well.

I wondered what the fun was in attacking someone when I didn’t feel good, but I thought it might be quite fun…? I was like, “Yeah…this is good….”

We played with her in a hurry, had her do it alone and forced her to stop just short, and used lube. I was given a lecture on how to touch her frequently. Men are relieved when they can see that they have come visibly. I now understand why so many people want to make their partner come, it’s so satisfying, like I’ve done you, my dear. It was fun.

We take a nap.

After getting out all we could and using lotion, we were both sticky, so we took another shower and both of us felt sleepy.

So we took a nap. (I can’t sleep without my medicine, so I just lay around.)

Mr. T was a snoring type.

It was OK because I was sleepy, but I little surprised he was not going to do the end of sex

We hugged one last time and said “thank you” to each other. I told her that I would pay for her hotel room because she came over to my place.


Mr. T has a part-time job, so we said goodbye early. I asked him to drop me off at the station. Let’s do something sexy again! I laughed as he briskly said goodbye.



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