The day after I met with the last person, I met with another person, this time Mr. Y.
As a result, we had sex for the first time.

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Before we met.

32 years old. He is a bit distant. He is someone who is hard to love, just like me. He has more than 100 experiences. He looked cute in his picture, but when he showed me an unprocessed photo, he looked more mature and shapely.

He has beautiful and erotic fingers and short fingernails.

He seems to work in the car business.

When I told him I met Mr. T first, he was quite competitive.

The impression I had.

Like the guy from yesterday, he drove to pick me up near my house.

He has a super soothing voice. He has a very nice way of speaking. He is also good looking. He had a friendlier vibe than the unprocessed picture I had been given. I liked the glasses he wore while driving,

When I talked to him, I found out that he was a superb human being, or what we call a super darling. I don’t know why such a great guy is still single. I’m afraid it’s too much of a mystery why he was willing to have sex with me.

She has a nice face, body, and voice.
He can play the guitar.
She sings well.
he is a good artist.
He was a first-class student.
Good driver.
He has a good job position.
When I asked him what he dislikes and what he is not good at, he said he couldn’t think of anything.


We went to a pasta restaurant. When I tried to sit at a regular table, he told me that it was cold in the corner and that he would change my seat, and when I asked if I could eat because I was nervous, he said that I could order whatever I wanted and that I would eat it if I left any leftovers. In the end, he left some of the food, so I asked him to eat it as he had declared. I told him I would pay the bill, but he insisted and he ended up paying it for me.

As we ate, I heard that he was very well-informed, had lived in many different prefectures, and had a personality that made me feel like he was on the second anniversary of his life.

When I asked him about the topic of conversation, he was often very knowledgeable, and when I asked him about it, he often said that his ex-girlfriend was the reason, which showed how many experiences he had.

To the hotel.

He asked me how old I could be. He asked me, and when I said I didn’t care about his age as long as his face and message were good, this is where he confessed his age deception. He was 39, not 32. He doesn’t look like an arafairy at all. He seems to be quite concerned about his age. It eliminates the feeling that I’m on the second lap of life at lunch. I see. Well, he’s handsome and personable, so it was no problem at all.


I had to convince him to pay for the hotel, so he took care of that and chose a cheaper room and used coupons. He seemed to be the type of person who likes to use all the free stuff, ordering free drinks and taking home the chocolate and coffee sticks that were left on the table. He might be a very meticulous person when it comes to money.

After that, I took off my clothes to take a shower, and he was so good at creating an erotic atmosphere that it was fast and smooth.

Like yesterday’s person, I almost laughed at the fact that he was able to find out where I felt good inside at such high speed.

Like yesterday’s guy, I was told that I had breasts, maybe a C or D…. The eyes of the guys are more trustworthy than the majors.

We took a shower while flirting, and then he continued with foreplay in the bath and then in bed. I thought this yesterday, but I seem to have a constitution that makes me wet easily. How convenient.

he did a lot for me, so I asked her if I could return the favor by giving her some of the blame, and we switched sides. I was going to do it with my hand, but Mr. Y asked me if I could lick him. I thought I could do it by hand, but Y asked me if I could lick him, so I decided to lick him. I thought it was absolutely impossible before, but surprisingly I was able to do it because the handsome guy begged me prettily and let me wash him well.
Y was giving me a lecture, telling me how good I was at it, patting my head and praising me, and I was licking him like I wished he was my boss.

After that, it was time for the real thing. It was the first time I saw a condom in real life.
He did it very slowly, and it went in without pain.
I didn’t know it went in.
I was surprised that it felt so good in some places.
I was surprised to find out that it doesn’t matter if it feels good or not, the sensation of being pushed up against your internal organs makes your voice come out naturally. I was thinking calmly from my bird’s eye view that sounds like porn can really come out.
I wanted to concentrate.

The session ended with Y-san’s words.
It was nice to have someone else do it for me.
I couldn’t ecstasy, though.
I had thought before, but now I suspect that I have a constitution that makes it hard for me to cum.

After that, she let me use lube on her again, and then she used a toy on me, and we tried various positions again, and that was the end of it. The feeling was good, but when I was feeling relatively relaxed, Mr. Y encouraged me by saying, “You were relatively relaxed for a first time, weren’t you? Shut up lol. I think one of the reasons I can’t concentrate in the middle of a session is because I can’t concentrate. I want to stop being the one who is looking down on the situation and keeping a cool head.

After that, we hung around, flirted with each other, and had fun wearing the knit that kills virgins (Y-san brought it with her).

We finished up with another quick shower.

On the way home

He was humming in a good mood in the car, which was cute. He always seems to be in such a good mood. She must be a happy person.

I asked him a lot of questions in the car as he drove me home, and he told me that he has a desire to get married.

I asked him if it was true that he had never married, even though he is a super darling. I asked him if it was true, but he calmly replied, “Yes, it’s true.

I hope he is not lying, because I don’t want to be stabbed.

As with Mr. T, we hugged at the end, said “thank you and see you” to each other.


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