Report on meeting someone I met on a matching app with the intention of losing my virginity (2)

The day after I met with the last person, I met with another person, this time Mr. Y. As a result, we had sex for the first time. Click here to read the previous article. Before we met. 32 years old. He is a bit distant. He is someone who is hard to love, just like me. He has more than 100 experiences. He looked cute in his picture, but when he showed me an unprocessed photo, he looked more mature and shapely. He has beautiful and erotic fingers and short fingernails. He seems to work in the car business. When I told him I met Mr. T first, he was quite competitive. The impression I had. Like the guy from yesterday, he drove to pick me up near my house. He has a super soothing voice. He has a very nice way of speaking. He is also good looking. He had a friendlier...


Report on meeting someone I met on a matching app with the intention of losing my virginity (1)

I met T-san, whom I met on a matching app. At the time I had some experience with lesbian sex but no experience with men, and was nervous and a little excited about the unknown until we met. Before we met A little distant person. 27 years old. Dom & S. After talking about wanting to restrain women and attack them until they cry, he is like rollercoasters into telling me that he is an anal masturbator and that I should train him. He has everything from a piston machine to a chastity belt, which I didn’t expect. I send him a list of my sexual proclivities and he responds so well that we decide to meet since he was quite sexually active. She said she had about 30 experiences. I told her to use contraception! he said, “Do you want to take it outside? Condom?” . I was horrified to think that there...


The worst story I’ve ever heard about being raped when I was tied up by a professional bondage artist

Hello, my name is Moccho! I had a bondage experience at the beginning of April this year (2023). As a result, I would like to leave a sad record that it was not for me and as the title says, I was treated in the worst way. I hope I can prevent someone else from going through the same thing. What made me decide to ask for a bondage request? At the time, I had two sex friends, but I had a problem that I just couldn’t come during the act, or rather, I couldn’t concentrate on it and couldn’t grasp the pleasure.In the process of searching for a remedy, I became very interested in a certain person. He was a very famous binders whom I had been following for a while.The method he advocated was a “body-only approach.” Simply put, even if you are not in an erotic mood, you can feel good...


Choosing to go out without sex

My current boyfriend and I have never had sex. We have no intention of having it in the future at this time.   How did I get into this relationship? I am someone who does not need sex with my partner. I still can’t really explain why I don’t need it, but it feels like “I don’t want to, so I just don’t.” Just like parents and children and siblings don’t have sex, I think the easier feeling to understand is that I don’t want to have sex with another important person like a family member. I have asexual-leaning sexuality, but I forced myself to have sex with my ex. At the time, I could not understand the difference between loving sex and having sex with sex friends as an act of lust. Sex as an expression of love was incomprehensible to me. Once I had sex, I began to feel as if all...


Report on a virgin’s visit to a “lesbian sex club” from Aichi to Osaka

I’m sorry, but I’m going to be very specific, so if you don’t want to read this, please skip to the part you don’t want to read! If you want to see it in video, watch this.     My background 24 years old female. Lived at home in Aichi. She has never been in a relationship, so much so that she suspects she may be asexual. However, she misses human skin and often hugs her mother.   How it all started I read Kabi Nagata’s “I was so rusty that I went to a lesbian sex club. I had always been asexual, but I wanted to solve my long-standing question, “If were a lesbian? Also, I simply wanted to fill the long-standing loneliness in the back of my mind, like missing human skin, by being cuddled by someone. I looked at the website of the Osaka store Nagata-san went to, and it looked...