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My background

24 years old female. Lived at home in Aichi.
She has never been in a relationship, so much so that she suspects she may be asexual.
However, she misses human skin and often hugs her mother.

How it all started

I read Kabi Nagata’s “I was so rusty that I went to a lesbian sex club.

I had always been asexual, but I wanted to solve my long-standing question, “If were a lesbian?
Also, I simply wanted to fill the long-standing loneliness in the back of my mind, like missing human skin, by being cuddled by someone.

I looked at the website of the Osaka store Nagata-san went to, and it looked safe enough to use, so I decided to go there, even though it was a bit far away from my home.

As for the cast member, I couldn’t imagine myself touching a woman at all, so I decided to go with Ms. A, who was the one to blame and had a nice atmosphere in the photo.

Until we meet

I did a quick check of all the love hotels and such around the meeting place and decided on a place that looked nice.

Also, I was super confused about the underwear and pubic hair treatment.

I decided to use the new underwear I had for now. Cleanliness is important. I usually didn’t wear underwear as a top and bottom set, so I created an alibi by making a day to wear a top and bottom set a few days in advance so that my family wouldn’t feel uncomfortable from the laundry.

I tried desperately to get a home epilator for my pubic hair, but of course I couldn’t get it done in time. I shaved my entire face with a face shaver, but it still left me with a nasty feeling…. I decided to buy a depilatory cream on Amazon a few days ago and tried it, but the smell of the cream when I used it made my family members aware of it. Stupid girl. They didn’t ask me anything about it and left me alone.

My mother asked me carefully, “Are you really going to Osaka by yourself?” She might have guessed something. Women’s instincts are scary.
In the end, I gave up on the chiku-chiku and decided to shave all the hair, including other unwanted hair, with a face shaver the night before.

It seemed impossible to verbally explain what I wanted done on the day, so I made a memo of my request. The contents were as follows.



I was so nervous that I was dying of a stomach ache, but I managed to regain my sanity on line with my friend who was the only one I had told about going to a women’s sex club.

I had texted her what to wear beforehand, so I asked A-san to call out to her. She is wearing monotone fashion as I had imagined, and I am scared by her girly & cool makeup + contacts.

She is easy to talk to, and she casually touches my hand. A momentary skill. A traditional art. Strong. Later, she confirms, “I held your hand, was it okay?” He confirms it. Of course I said yes. I was healed by her chewy hands.

She asked me what I wanted in a hotel, and I said, “A place with a bubble bath and close by! I was guided to the hotel I had expected. He took the trouble to show me the back entrance, which is out of the way and out of sight. She is sweet.

My first love hotel! Wow!

The paneled type I had heard so much about! But there were only about 2 rooms available, and they had the same layout, so I picked one at random. It was raw to pass by a couple of men and women.

I chose a room and let’s go!

The room is quite clean and spacious. There was a machine on the bed to change the lighting, an electric heater, a bubble bath, a slot machine, and a talking automatic teller machine, all of which made me react with excitement. A gently watches over them as he orders a welcome drink and prepares the bubble bath.

We toast with a welcome drink while talking about our pets and why we decided to use the facility. (Again, we are very close to each other and hold hands.)
I also showed him my note of requests at this point. she told me that it was okay to talk in casual speech.I felt much more relaxed.

After that, I gargle and brush my teeth, and then it’s time to take off my clothes. She let me take off all of my clothes, and when I noticed that my clothes were carefully folded, I was amazed. The skill of the professionals is amazing. She also praised my underwear as a national treasure, my skin as beautiful, my blacks as cute, and so on. At the same time, A also took off his clothes.

Bubble bath!

The bubble bath I’ve been longing for! Before the bath, I asked her to wash my body with her hands. It was both itchy and delightful. The private parts was washed with a special soap for that purpose, which made me think, “I see.

Then came the bubble bath! I was sitting on the floor, leaning between her legs as we made out in the tub.

The bubbles are so soft and fun! Playing with bubbles to make bunnies, touching her breasts and having her touch me, and she is kissing me around my face except for my lips.

I got goosebumps when she licked my ears as requested (I was satisfied because I wanted to know what it actually felt like, as it is often done in ASMR videos).

The bubbles were rinsed off and I was ready to go!

She even wiped my back afterwards.


At last! Bed!

We moved to the bed in our bathrobes and lay around after being told to lie down first, and Ms. A prepared water for me by my bedside. She then kissed me on the lips and all over my body, and at her request, I put my thigh between her face and her thighs and giggled.

What did I think of the first kiss? It was soft. Warm. I could smell the slight odor of cigarette and feel the resistance to saliva. (Sorry, Mr. A.). The tongue is like a boiled shiitake mushroom, which is the closest thing I know to a feeling.

After that, She licked the bottom of my private parts. This is the one…! I was excited. It felt good, but it felt warm and safe, like taking a bath…. It was a strange and interesting sensation. Also, my legs cramped uselessly in a position I don’t usually do, misleading Mr. A into thinking I was feeling really good. I apologized in my mind that it felt good, but that might not be the case, and I was sorry. She even took care of me by allowing me to stretch out my legs.

In the meantime, I realized that my finger was in there. I had big sense of foreign body or pressure when I tried to put it in myself before. I couldn’t tell how far it went in. The pro is amazing. The licking was a direct feeling, and the finger felt nice and bubbly.

After that, she gave me a hickey that I requested, squeezed me and played nice with me, put me on her arm, put me on her lap, and this was the happiest time of my life. I even got to see her smoke a cigarette.

We talked about sexuality, how it is difficult for girls to wear formal clothes when they are treated as girls (we both talked about how we didn’t wear furisode to our coming-of-age ceremony because we didn’t want to wear it), and we talked about anime.

They were very attentive to our needs, asking if we were uncomfortable, if it hurt, if we wanted to drink water, if I needed to go to the bathroom, and so on, which made us feel warm inside.



We took another bubble bath while making out.
she washed and wiped my body carefully.



She gave me kisses and squeezes until the very end. We wanted to give her a hug at the same time at the end! I was a little happy to be able to do that.

We went back to the meeting place holding hands with her. She was worried about her work and the way home.

I had told her I was from Aichi, so she told me about all the great souvenirs and tourist spots.

After that, we said bye-bye, even though it was sad.

Impression after the event

I am glad that I had the courage to come here.

To be honest, it was expensive (several tens of thousands of dollars plus the hotel fee), but it was an experience that I could never have had anywhere else…!

I felt satisfied that I had taken a half-step up the ladder to adulthood, and I also felt a sense of dismay, wondering what all the worries and anxieties I had been having up until then were about.

When I got lost at the station on the way home, I almost cried thinking that I would be all alone again in this society.


After a few days

I feel so much A-san loss… I want to be squeezed again… I want to be treated with care… I feel lonely or sad… It’s like after a very fun trip or dream…? Reality is hard.

I feel a little sad thinking that even though I have done so much, I will probably be forgotten as one of the many customers.

Also, I vaguely wanted a partner. I’d be so happy to make out like this every day. It’s not fair. I don’t want a physical relationship, so I want a partner. I’m thinking, “I’m missing human skin,” and today I’m still sticking to my mother every day.


A few months later

I tried out matching apps and went out with men to see if I could find someone I could hug, but they soon ended up breaking up with me.

In the end, I came to the conclusion that I was asexual.
I’ll tell you more about this story another time.


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